I'm a producer, editor and consultant with a background in psychology, education and literary theory—experienced in creating and curating content for web-consumers. I was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in an industrial farming community of migrant-laborers near the Columbia River Gorge. I attended local public schools and excelled in English and athletics.

Thereafter I completed undergraduate then graduate studies which included independent learning contracts, study abroad modules, externships, and clinical-training as an outpatient child and family psychotherapist. 

Master of Arts (2011) Seattle University 
DEPT. of Psychology, Existential-Phenomenology

Bachelor of Arts (2009)

The Evergreen State College
DEPT. of Society, Politics, Behavior & Change
UNIT: Community Psychology

Non-Degree (2005-09)
ASUW Experimental College 
HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets, 
Photographic Emulsions, Photographic Processing

Associate of Arts & Sciences (2003)
Shoreline Community College
UNIT: Contemporary Moral Problems

Producer | Editor | Consultant
▪ Consultant - Proprietor / Zero Ground, LLC (2014—)
▪ Crowd-Source Editor / Genius Media Group, Inc (2013—18)
▪ Field Research Editor / TESC Disaster Psychology Ext. (2007)
▪ Publisher/Editor / The Commonline Journal (2007—17)

Educator | Counselor | Clinician
▪ Preschool Teacher / Interlake Child Learning Center (2014—17)
▪ Mental Health Therapist, LMHC / Atlantic Street Center (2010—12)
▪ Preschool Teacher / Wallingford United Methodist (2009—10)
▪ Residential Counselor / Fodor Homes, LLC (2003—06)
▪ Paraprofessional Substitute / Precision Learning Academy (2000—03)

Skilled | Unskilled Labor

▪ Administrative Assistant / Premier Business Centers (2007)
▪ On-site Property Manager / Glacier Management (2004—06)
▪ Caterer-Driver / Delicious Planet (2001—03)
▪ Night Auditor / Silver Cloud Inn (2000—03)
▪ Freight Dockworker / United Parcel Service (1998—00)
▪ Associate Clerk / Bugle Boy Industries (1997—98)
▪ Shop Assistant / Lynn Hufford Construction (1995—97)

16+ years experience as a superintendent Producer, Publisher & Editor
▪ Executive produce digital media content for scholastic, leisure and marketing genres ▪ Develop and execute brands and editorial strategies, executive ethics policies and procedures ▪  Direct editorial boards, create, curate and aggregate content ▪ Correspond with the public and conduct interviews with public figures for web-publication ▪ Supervise assistant editors, enforce style, technical and ethical guidelines ▪ Serve as primary administrator for video-sharing, blog-publishing and open-source content management systems ▪ Provide academic advising to students, counseling, feedback and criticism to clients, draft proposals and manuscripts ▪ Analyze, interpret and annotate complex discourse for web-consumers ▪ Accept, reject and refine crowd-sourced contributions for accuracy, style and brevity  

17+ years experience as an Educator, Counselor & Clinician
▪ Conducted outreach, intake, psychotherapy and case-management for patients ▪ Developed and implemented individual treatment plans (ITP), individual education plans (IEP), crisis intervention directives, and conducted ongoing mental-health assessments ▪ Facilitated access to services ▪ Planned and facilitated developmentally appropriate curriculums, directed classroom design, trained assistant teachers ▪ Completed ongoing assessments of social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language maturation via developmental continuum ▪ Conducted parent-teacher conferences, supported early childhood education (ECE) teachers and executives

Conceptual— metaphysics, continental philosophy, ethics, world-religions and mythology, history, comparative history of ideas, discourse analysis, literary-realism,  literary and rhetorical devices, storytelling, psychology, psychoanalysis, human resources, semiotics, phenomenology, existentialism, criminology, media and cultural studies, race-relations, African diaspora studies, individualism, political ideologies, police science, semiotics, phenomenology, micro-sociology, existentialism, leisure studies, turn of the century rap music, geomorphology 

Technical— counseling, curriculum and systems design, graphic design, web builders, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google docs, spreadsheets, videography, digital photography, Zoom, Final Cut Pro, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, content management systems (CMS), hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), search engine optimization (SEO), digital data analytics, program and project management, storyboarding, scoring, technical-writing, copyediting, proofreading, image editing, information technology, mediation, moderation, research, substantive, academic and technical editing, creative and academic writing, journalism, scheduling, time management, task management, AV management, training systems and applications, digital marketing, creative writing  

Peer-Review Editor, Academic
Is Africa Merely an Effect?
A Conversation with Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Dunn
The Commonline Journal Questions Def Poet George Watsky
Racial Health Disparities & Race-Based Bioethics
Blasting the Canon: Hip-Hop Poetics, Race & the Ivory Tower
The Subversive Structure of Lolita

Major Editor, Literary
Catalogue of the poet Justin Hyde (07-17)
Catalogue of the poet Dennis P. Wilken (07-17)
Catalogue of the poet Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal (07-17)
Catalogue of the poet Doug Draime (07-17)
Catalogue of the poet Rob Plath (07-17)
• Catalogue of the poet Howie Good (08-17)

Major Editor, Genius Crowd-Source
• "Shorty the Pimp" [1992] by Too $hort
• "Lethal Injection" [1993] by Ice Cube
• "Strictly 4 My N. I. G.G. A. Z." [1993] by Tupac Shakur
• "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" [1996] by Makaveli
• "Lets Get Free" (2000) by dead prez
• "Tipping Point" [2004] by The Roots
• "Revolutionary But Gangsta" [2004] by dead prez
• "Emeritus" [2008] by Scarface
• "Raw" [2010] by Hopsin
• "Follow Me Home" [2011] by Jay Rock
• "Section .80" [2011] by Kendrick Lamar
• "The Workout" [2012] by
• "Run the Jewels" [2013] by Run the Jewels
• "Run the Jewels 2" [2014] by Run the Jewels
• "Black Hystori Project" [2014] by CyHi The Prince
• "Black Hystori Project 2: N.A.A.C.P." [2015] by CyHi The Prince
• "To Pimp a Butterfly" [2015] by Kendrick Lamar
• "Ascension" [2016] by Flatbush Zombies
• "DAMN" [2017] by Kendrick Lamar

• University of Washington SLP Grand Rounds on Traumatic Brain Injury (02/2007)
• The Evergreen State College Symposium "Community Psychology Versus" (09/2007)
• The Evergreen State College Symposium on Psychoneuroimmunology (03/2008)
• Department of Behavior & Society Colloquium on CAM Therapies (12/2008)
• Department of Behavior & Society Colloquium on Neuroplasticity (12/2008)
• University of Washington Colloquium: Pleasures and Perils of Culture (03/2010)
• Seattle University Workshop on Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy (04/2010)
• Seattle University Seminar: Obtaining Graduate Level Internships (02/2011)
• UW School of Social Work Invited Symposium: Criminology Questions in WA State (09/2015)
• UW Invited Symposium II: “Community Impact Forum" (01/2016)

Continuing Education
• SIDS Training [Certification] (2014)
• STARS Merit Training [Certification] (2014) 
• Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy [10 credits] (03/2012)
• Positive Behavior Guidance [2 credit Merit] (2016)
• AWSU Experimental College [various] (2005-2009)

Associations & Memberships
• Society for Existential Analysis
• Registry of Open Access Repositories
• Genius Media Group Inc.
• Viktor Frankl Institute



Roots traverse

The water table and the sky

Life eats life

Survival and violence

Grafted here in copulation

Convexed in a condition

Of pure exhibition

© Joseph Osel, 2017
'Life Eats Life' was first published by The Commonline Journal (#35)