Seattle, Washington, USA
bookwormx [at] riseup [dot] net 
Raised in Fairview, Oregon under challenging circumstances, I spent my formative years living in an industrial farming community of migrant laborers near the mouth of Columbia River Gorge. I attended local primary and secondary schools near Fairview, as well as alternative education programs for juvenile delinquency. A first-generation post-secondary student, I received several need-based grants to sustain my initial education, which included a formal interdisciplinary program, advanced individual studies, an externship, and study abroad modules. Thereafter I pursued third-level work in theoretical psychology, competed comprehensive clinical-training as a psychotherapist in a community outpatient clinic and subsequently graduated with honors.
▸ A. A. S. / Shoreline Community College (2003, Contemporary Moral Problems Unit)
▸ B. A. / The Evergreen State College (2009, SPBC Program: Community Psychology / Literary Theory) 
▸ M. A. / Seattle University (2011, Psychology / Existential-Phenomenology)

My proficiencies include: continental philosophy, phenomenology, literary theory, hermeneutics, theoretical psychoanalysis, community psychology, Black diaspora studies, critical race theory, turn of the century Rap music and Tupacian lyricism. My research & writing interests include: discourse analysis, radical ecology and criminology, antiracism and race relations in the United States, regressive leftism, sociopolitical attitudes and identity politics, Hip-Hop theory and pedagogy, recuperation, policing and eschatology.  See bibliography

10 years superintendent experience as a Publisher and Editor:  Developed and executed editorial strategies, executive policies and procedures  Directed editorial boards, content acquisition, website design and administration and re-publishing (print-to-web) efforts • Responsible for implementing and refining SEO best practices, imperative programing languages including CSS, HTML, XML, PHP, HACK, etc..  Reviewed freelance proposals from writers and artists, selected manuscripts for publication, corresponded with the public, conducted interviews, created content, and supervised assistant Editors 
▸ 7 years progressive experience providing comprehensive social work and mental-health services in residential, field-based and clinical-outpatient settings:  Conducted outreach, intake, psychotherapy and case-management for insolvent patients • Developed and implemented individual treatment plans (ITP), individual education plans (IEP), crisis intervention directives, and conducted ongoing mental-health assessments
 7 years experience providing freelance consulting services to proprietors, non-profit corporations and students:  Provided clients with counseling, executive direction, constructive criticism, general oversight and project management  Conducted primary and secondary research, concurrent analysis and presentation
▸ 3 years experience as lead teacher in Early Childhood Education classrooms: • Managed and supervised classroom, planned and facilitated developmentally appropriate emergent curriculum, directed outdoor classroom design • Completed ongoing assessments of social-emotional, psychical, cognitive, and language maturation according to the Creative Curriculum's Developmental Continuum • Conducted parent-teacher conferences and supported executive administration in maintaining NAEYC accrediation for early learning programs

         Publisher / Editor / Creative
Publisher / Chief Literary Editor / The Commonline Journal (2007-17)
Editor / Genius [crowd-sourced knowledge-base] (2013-present)
Web Editor / Radical Critique (2010-present)

         Sociology / Psychology 
▸ Paraprofessional Substitute / Academy for Precision Learning (2000-03) 
▸ Residential Counselor / Fodor Homes (2003-05)
▸ Activities Director / Fodor Homes (2005-06)
▸ Student-Research Advocate / TESC Theory-Praxis Internship (2007)
 Mental Health Therapist / Atlantic Street Center (2010-12)
Preschool Teacher Lead / Interlake Child Learning Center (2014-17)
Creative Consultant / Force Advisor (2010-Present)

          Skilled / Unskilled Labor
▸ Shop Assistant / Lynn Hufford Construction (1996-97)
▸ Salesclerk Bugle Boy Industries (1997-98)
▸ Freight Dockworker / United Parcel Service (1998-00)
▸ Auditor / Silver Cloud Inn (2000-03)
 Food Service Worker / Various (2003-10)
▸ Driver / Various (2004-10)

▸ University of Washington SLP Grand Rounds on Traumatic Brain Injury (02/2007) 
▸ The Evergreen State College Symposiom "Community Psychology Versus" (09/2007) 
▸ The Evergreen State College Symposium on Psychoneuroimmunology (03/2008) 
▸ Department of Behavior & Society Colloquium on Complementary Alternative Medicine Therapies (12/2008) 
▸ Department of Behavior & Society Colloquium on Neuroplasticity (12/2008) 
▸ University of Washington Colloquium: Pleasures and Perils of Culture (03/2010) 
▸ Seattle University Workshop on Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy (04/2010) 
▸ Seattle University Seminar: Obtaining Graduate Level Internships (02/2011)
▸ UW School of Social Work Invited Symposium: Criminology Questions in Washington State (09/2015)
▸ UW Invited Symposium II: “Community Impact Forum" (01/2016)  
          Continuing Education
▸ Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy [10 credits] (03/2012)
▸ AWSU Experimental College [various] (2012-2016)
▸ Positive Behavior Guidance [2 credit Merit] (2016)
          Associations & Memberships
▸ Society for Existential Analysis 
▸ International Journal of Radical Critique 
▸ Registry of Open Access Repositories
▸ Genius Media Group Inc.
▸ Viktor Frankl Institute

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▸ Syracuse University Press (2013). The Room and the World: Essays on the Poet Stephen Dunn / Laura McCullough, ED.
▸ King's Review (2013). "Journy to Justice: American Dreams and NightMares After Rosa Parks" / D. Dias, QC 
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