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Raised in Fairview, Oregon, I spent my formative years living in an industrial farming community of migrant laborers near the mouth of Columbia River Gorge. I attended local primary and secondary schools, and alternative education programs for juvenile delinquency.

I received several need-based grants to sustain my post-secondary education, which included a formal interdisciplinary program, ongoing seminars, advanced autonomous studies, an externship and study-abroad modules.

Thereafter I completed masters level study in psychology as an honor student, received comprehensive clinical-training as a psychotherapist in a community outpatient clinic, and worked as a journalist and substantive editor on various creative and scholastic projects.

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A. A. S. - Shoreline Community College (2003)
Dept. Contemporary Moral Problems unit
B. A. - The Evergreen State College (2009)
Dept. of Society, Politics, Behavior & Change
M. A. - Seattle University (2011)
Dept. of Psychology; Existential-Phenomenology


Conceptual Proficiencies – continental philosophy, critical-literary theory, political-ideologies, discourse analysis, psychoanalysis, community psychology and human resources, diaspora studies and race relations , cognitive musicology, radical ecology and criminology

Technical Proficiencies – Microsoft & Macintosh creative suites, digital content creation in CMS, professional videography, executive curriculum development, ethnographic research, editing (substantive & copy-editing) HTML, CSS, XML, Final Cut Pro, SEO best practices


⬗ 10 years experience as a superintendent publisher and editor: • Develop and execute editorial strategies, executive policies and procedures • Direct editorial boards, content curation and aggregation, print-to-web articles, web-design and administration • Review freelance proposals from writers and artists, select manuscripts for publication • Correspond with the public and conduct interviews with public figures • Analyze, interpret, source and annotate complex discourse for web-consumers • Accept / reject and refine crowd-sourced contributions for accuracy, relevance, brevity and clarity • Supervise and assist assistant editors, enforce guidelines • Oversee all aspects of web-publication

⬗ 7 years progressive experience providing comprehensive social work and mental-health services in residential, field-based and clinical-outpatient settings: • Conducted outreach, intake, psychotherapy and case-management for insolvent patients • Developed and implemented individual treatment plans (ITP), individual education plans (IEP), crisis intervention directives, and conducted ongoing mental-health assessments

⬗ 4 years experience providing freelance consulting services to proprietors, non-profit corporations and students: • Provided executives with conceptual development, direction, oversight, human resources and project management • Provided students with assessments, academic advising and counseling, research, writing and editing support. Conducted primary and secondary research, concurrent analysis and presentation

⬗ 3 years experience as lead teacher in Early Childhood Education classrooms: • Planned and facilitated developmentally appropriate emergent curriculum, directed outdoor classroom design • Completed ongoing assessments of social-emotional, psychical, cognitive, and language maturation according to the Creative Curriculum's Developmental Continuum • Conducted parent-teacher conferences, supported executive administration


Publisher | Editor 

Publisher / Chief Literary Editor / The Commonline Journal (2007—17)
Crowd Source Editor / Genius Media Group, Inc (2013—)
Web Editor / Radical Critique (2010—)

Sociology | Psychology 

Paraprofessional Substitute / Acad. for Precision Learning (2000-03)
Residential Counselor / Fodor Homes, L.L.C. (2003-05)
Activities Director / Fodor Homes, L.L.C. (2005-06)
Student-Research Advocate / TESC Theory-Praxis Internship (2007)
Mental Health Therapist / Atlantic Street Center (2010-12)
Preschool Teacher Lead / Interlake Child Learning Center (2014—17)
Creative Consultant (Partner) / Force Advisor (2014—)

Skilled | Unskilled Labor 

Shop Assistant / Lynn Hufford Construction (1996-97)
Salesclerk / Bugle Boy Industries (1997-98)
Freight Dockworker / United Parcel Service (1998-00)
Auditor / Silver Cloud Inn (2000-03)
Food Service Worker / Various (2003-10)
Driver / Various (2004-10)


• University of Washington SLP Grand Rounds on Traumatic Brain Injury (02/2007)
• The Evergreen State College Symposiom "Community Psychology Versus" (09/2007)
• The Evergreen State College Symposium on Psychoneuroimmunology (03/2008)
• Department of Behavior & Society Colloquium on CAMedicine Therapies (12/2008)
• Department of Behavior & Society Colloquium on Neuroplasticity (12/2008)
• University of Washington Colloquium: Pleasures and Perils of Culture (03/2010)
• Seattle University Workshop on Brief Solution-Oriented Therapy (04/2010)
• Seattle University Seminar: Obtaining Graduate Level Internships (02/2011)
• UW School of Social Work Invited Symposium: Criminology Questions in WA State (09/2015)
• UW Invited Symposium II: “Community Impact Forum" (01/2016)
Continuing Education 
• Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy [10 credits] (03/2012)
• AWSU Experimental College [various] (2012-2016)
• Positive Behavior Guidance [2 credit Merit] (2016)
Associations & Memberships
• Society for Existential Analysis
• International Journal of Radical Critique
• Registry of Open Access Repositories
• Genius Media Group Inc.
• Viktor Frankl Institute


Peer-Review Editor, Academic Publishing
• "Is Africa Merely an Effect?" by Cyril-Mary Pius Olatunji (Adekunle Ajasin University) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2012) 
• "Who Speaks For Your Islam?: African American Muslims Revolutionize the Message of Hip Hop" by Shirin Lakhan (Rice University) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2012)

• "The Spectres of Simulacra: Hyperreality, Consumption as Ideology, & the (Im)Possible Future of Radical Politics" by Jordan Kinder (University of Northern British Columbia) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2012)

• "Orhan Pamuk’s “Turkish Modern”: Intertextuality as Resistance to the East-West Dichotomy" by Sefik Huseyin (University of London) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2012)

• "Racial Health Disparities & Race-Based Bioethics: A Critique of a Critique" by Nathan Nobis (Morehouse College) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2013) 
• "The Portrayal of African-American Women in the Poetry of Sonia Sanchez" by Sofia Politidou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2013) 
• "Blasting the Canon: Hip-Hop Poetics, Race & the Ivory Tower" by Michael Cirelli (Urban World NYC) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2013) 
• "The New Art of ‘Being’ Amateur: Distance as Participation" by Lucia Vodanovic (Middlesex University) in Intl. Journal of Radical Critique (2013) 
• "The Subversive Structure of Lolita" by Sam Lloyd (Portland State University) in The Commonline Journal (2013)  

Major Editor, Genius Crowd-Source
• "Shorty the Pimp" [1992] by Too $hort   
• "Lethal Injection" [1993] by Ice Cube 
• "Strictly 4 My N. I. G.G. A. Z." [1993] by Tupac Shakur   
• "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" [1996] by Makaveli 
• "Lets Get Free" (2000) by dead prez 
• "Tipping Point" [2004] by The Roots
• "Revolutionary But Gangsta" [2004] by dead prez
• "Emeritus" [2008] by Scarface
• "Raw" [2010] by Hopsin 
• "Follow Me Home" [2011] by Jay Rock 
• "Section .80" [2011] by Kendrick Lamar 
• "The Workout" [2012] by 
• "Run the Jewels" [2013] by Run the Jewels 
• "Run the Jewels 2" [2014] by Run the Jewels 
• "Black Hystori Project" [2014] by CyHi The Prince 
• "Black Hystori Project 2: N.A.A.C.P." [2015] by CyHi The Prince 
• "To Pimp a Butterfly" [2015] by Kendrick Lamar 
• "Ascension" [2016] by Flatbush Zombies 
• "DAMN" [2017] by Kendrick Lamar 

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