Joseph Osel 

the more you travel the more you realize
that everywhere the people are afraid,
terribly afraid.

they’re afraid of lost money
or none to begin with.

they’re afraid of governments
or lack thereof.

they’re afraid of  big things
and little things,
lost and found loves,
never found loves,
broken promises,

they’re fearful for themselves
and for their children.

fearful of tomorrow,
and the day after,
and the days
after that.

it is a sad and horrifying reality.

no matter where you go,
how many mountains or
seas you cross,

you’ll come face to face
with the same thing
over and over and
over again.

so we look to our idols,
never recognizing
that most of our heroes
have been wrong

and our saviors were never
even strong enough
to save themselves.

Joseph Osel is an editor and writer.



Roots traverse

The water table and the sky

Life eats life

Survival and violence

Grafted here in copulation

Convexed in a condition

Of pure exhibition

© Joseph Osel, 2017
'Life Eats Life' was first published by The Commonline Journal (#35)