the koi is a common fish
and actually a type of
garbage eating carp.

but if you’re perceptive
every now and then 
you’ll find magic
in this tragically 
ordinary fish. 

it’s something that 
captivates the mind
stimulates the body 
punctures the soul.

and when you find this sort
you follow it first with 
your eyes then with
your feet.

and while you know the common
nature of the fish you follow it 
still, often with amazement.

well soon enough either the koi
or you move on to new 
waters and that 
is that.

but in the meantime you follow
the fish thinking that one day
you’ll see it again in a 
different pond
a new tank 

or washed up dead somewhere 

but knowing that
you probably won’t.

Joseph Osel is a writer.