i’m eating stir fried beef with pepper sauce
a black koi swims a figure eight to my left
and everything is reasonable

after a few minutes two
American girls come in

my waitress approaches them and smiles

“do you have a double room?”
they ask

“yes, double room 600”
says the waitress

a stray dog wanders over and sits next to me

“you’re not getting any of my food”
i tell the dog

he understands and gets up to leave

“do you have a swimming pool?”
ask the Americans

“no, we only have that fish there that is swimming”
says my waitress

the Americans turn and walk out
and my waitress comes over and
asks “another drink?”

i say “yes”

and the black koi
goes round and
round again

Joseph Osel is an Editor and writer.
"No Swimming Pool" was first published in 2009.

© Joseph Osel